"O" Inlay? Question

Hi There!
I am hoping someone can help with (what I thought would be) an easy project.
I attached a picture of what I would like to do. I would like to inlay the center black “O” with the white parts raised. Including the center. Is this possible?

I dug around the site and on google, but all I am finding is solid inlays (so I cannot ask the machine to not cut the center.


You want to make an inlay or just carve a ring shaped pocket?

  1. Use a circle cut to the depth you want.
  2. Center a smaller circle on top of that one, and set the depth to zero.
  3. Repeat as necessary
  4. Make a bigger circle to cut the profile.

like this?


Yes! Exactly! The left one is exactly what I was hoping to do!

I am on it now to play around!! I really appreciate the response.