Oak burnt top area

Hello guys,

I worked on oak pieces (wall mount for Nest Thermostat) today and I noticed strange reaction of my wood.

My first idea was a slow feedrate but I tested many settings about feedrates, depths etc. but the result is always the same. (Dewalt611)

I work with the mill given by Inventables with xcarve: HSS? 1/4

below some pictures of the result

Do you have any idea about the trouble?

What do you have the Dewalt 611 speed dial set to? I’m guessing very high.

I typically run at 1.5, maybe 2…

Yes, running at 1…

Based on what I am seeing, I would say the dewalt is set too high and/or the feedrate is too low.

What settings are you using?

The bit bit is probably extremely dull at this point.


Spindle is too fast. Or feed rate to slow.

Yeah, check out the tip of the bit in the photo… black, it’s likely toast at this point…

This is what I was thinking. It seems like once you burn a bit, it’s toast (HA! pun).


@ArthurT - Do you have another bit you can try?

Did you accept the default federate \ DOC in Easel for Oak?

Did you change the stepover % at all?

I test the default feedrate and grow up, up… …up

Best result was (picture in the middle):

  • feedrate : 3400 mm/min (216.5 in/min)
  • plunge: 1700 mm/min (98.4 in/min)
  • depth: 0.5 mm
  • Dewalt speed: 1

Never touch the stepover.

No other drill near me but I need some ans it’s not so easy to find in France (like US)
What do you recommand me for this kind of operation?

Oh yeah. One you burn the bit, it loses temper. It’s all she wrote at that point.

With what you are cutting, a good endmill is the way to go…but the one you were using is probably too dull to cut anymore.

Your plunge rate is probably faster then the X-Carve can go unless you have changed the default settings. The setting is $112.

You should be able to pick up another router bit from your local hardware store.
A standard 2 flute spiral bit should work
It may be a problem getting a 1/4" (6.35mm) locally. If all you can find is 6mm router bits one solution is to order up a 6mm collet for your router.
Here is one source for them:
Elaire Corp

The other option, of course is to order your router bits on-line.

It is a good idea to double check that you have the correct sized bit in the correct collet and have the correct bit size entered into easel.

I recommend getting a cheep digital caliper to measure things. I use mine to check the thickness of wood as well.

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Noo, it works as a drill bit. :laughing:

I have a feeling your spindle is not perpendicular to the x-y axis also… those ridges seems to point to that unless it was intentional. But yeah burning because your spindle speed and feed rates are off.

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Thanks guys for your great advices!
I take not off that, change settings and order great mills.