OAK Feed Rates - DW611

Does anyone know what feed rates I could use to cut oak? I searched on here and could not find anything. I had some issues with the old spindle and got a DW611.

I feel brave enough to cut something big on a nice piece of material without ruining it. I don’t mind going slower than I have to. I am using a Yonico 31210-SC 1 1 Up Cut Solid Carbide 1/8-Inch X 1/2-Inch X 1/4-Inch X 2-Inch 1/4-Inch Shank. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

I tried several different wood types and speeds, MDF is the easiest of course. Speed up to 75 ipm with no fail with .2" dept. Pine started to give ruff edges after 35 ipm with .2" dept. Maple gave best results 20 ipm. .1" depth.
Also it is important to have good bits like you have. I already paid for GWizard, but, we have belt driving system which GWizard values not matching.
I thing best idea is start making test cuts with sharp square without fillet, consider four factors, router speed, cut dept, feed rate and number of flute. When you find comfort zone, write it down, that’s your feed and speed.
Dewalt have no problems with difficult tasks, consider not to push limits for steppers and belts.

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Thank you Alan. Great advice! 75ipm seems insane right now lol I have only gone 32 ipm max so far. I will try different settings like you said.

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Last night I ran a project in oak and used .08" Depth per pass and 60 in/min with a 1/16" bit for detail and a 1/4" straight bit when I cut out the piece. I think I could have push it a bit further on the larger bit but overall nothing seemed to strain or chatter like I would experience with the stock 300W spindle.

I need to start keeping some notes on what works now that I have the 611 up and running.


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hello, could you tell me what speed you had the Dewalt 611 at for the cuts?

I don’t run it nearly that fast. 35ish IPM at most. Is it just me on that?