Oak feedrate for Inventables 90 vbit .25

To start off. I have used my xcarve with great sucess, this is my first attempt using a piece of oak.

I am dong a vbit sign for my father using the 90degree .25 vbit that inventables sells. I have my dewalt router set to 1. But im concenred about the feed rate and plunge depth.

I am using vcarve desktop to setup my sign. I understand what feed rates and plunge rates are but i dont know how to set them in vcarve for Oak…or what would be the best speeds to use. If some one cold provide some help or even a screen shot of the tool setting for oak from vcarve would be awesome.

We don’t usually do signs, but we made this quick one in Easel a few months ago. For the roughing pass we used a 2-flute 1/8" upcut (eBay cheap). For the detail pass, we used a 60° V bit. Since Easel doesn’t have a pre-set for oak, we just used the default cut settings for hard maple, I think. If you have a very large project and want to reduce carve time, you could probably push the feedrate some, but these settings were perfectly fine:


This is the finished project:

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Kimberly - Thanks… I took a Chance and lowered my feed rates and crossed fingers… I think it came out awesome thanks for the Response

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