Object persistence or lack thereof

Objects in Easel are too easily moved. It’s very difficult, at least for me, to select an object without slightly moving it.
I routinely check my undo list before I make a selection to be sure that the last action wasn’t a move so that I will
know if my selection has moved.
Is this an issue for others? Workaround - Loctite:)?
Pinning objects doesn’t really help because you have to select it to pin it and can’t make changes to a pinned object.
I really like using Easel except for this time waster.

I completely understand as I had the same issue. I use a laptop with wireless mouse. I learned to use the mouse to place cursor on object but do not use the mouse button to select. I use the button below the touch pad for selecting object.
If you use a desktop I am not sure how you would select ipo left mouse button.


I have the same setup. I’ll experiment.

That works really well. Thanks!