Obsessive Compulsive or CNCholic

Hi …my name’s Mike and I’m a CNCholic. There I said it! I’ve seen this conversation a few times on the forum but thought Noooo it won’t happen to me. But you find you start off with a simple letter carving and then get on to the “harder” stuff…like importing images then finally V carving and your hooked. I now find myself lurking through web sites to find ideas then onto the street and looking at letter box designs and staring at store signs. So far I haven’t been caught but I feel it’s only a matter of time. People like Zach are even offering up free samples in the manner of fidget plans and files…oh yes those files are the most addictive. My life has reverted into a garage dweller…often forgoing the basic necessities of life less the occasional Mars bar. What are we going to do about this scourge on humanity??? Oh well have to do…something in the garage…


(Everyone on the Forum)…“Hi… Mike.”

Congrats… the first step is admitting you have an issue. The second step is realizing that you are not alone. There are many addicts on this Forum that live normal everyday lives. Its not uncommon at all for me to sneak onto Easel during a conference call with my colleagues in another city… no one notices at all when I come to work with wood chips dangling from my ear lobes… No one questions anymore my babblings of “need more hours to make more spinners”… or “need to stop at the woodshop… need more maple… more maple… MORE MAPLE…”

You see Mike… we here are CNCholicAnonymous recognize that your addiction is simply known as a Zacheroine. A highly addictive condition in which there is only one cure… Making sh*t !!

So, get in that Garage and make sh*t !!!

And of course… when the shakes and fever start…


You’re right BUT…