Occasional Use of Easel

Hi, I only use Easel maybe once or twice a month and sometimes not for months so it is uneconomic for me to pay monthly or even annually when I only use it occasionally. Is there any other way to get around this or must I look for another software package? I only use it for text to engrave and I like the software’s simplicity.

Easel does have a free version… Have a look here: Easel | Free CNC Software | Inventables and scroll down to “Which plan is right for you?”

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Thanks for your quick reply James but am I correct in thinking the free version does not carve or convert to G Code? Maybe I am missing something here if so can you let me know, please?
Kind regards Col

The free version does carve and can export gcode as well… There are some Pro only features to be aware of though, here’s the details on that with a chart near the bottom:

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