OCD Upgrade #1: *crimped* (not soldered) motor wire connectors

The first item in my “Why I should have just bought a Carvey” list:

I see you guys who are already carving things laughing. I’m not hurt.

Parts list:
Ring Terminals, 16-22 wire, #8 stud size
Shrink wrap assortment

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Hey, everyone has their own OCD levels! It’s sure going to look neat when it’s done! :smile:

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Now that I’ve had a bit of time to think and experiment, I agree. Here’s how the opposite Y plate wire block came out.

Same connectors, crimped instead of soldered. Heat shrink over the connector ends. I’ve also gone with much longer 4 wire bundle lengths so the wire can comfortably reach the X-Controller on my table.

100 Feet 4 Conductor Wire

I love that you used color-coded heat shrink. Nice touch. I just used red for all mine including the GT2 belts. It gave the machine some nice little red accents against the black rails.

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for a truly bulletproof connection, try these… They have solder within the terminal, everything fuses together when you apply heat to the heatshrink…