Odd behavior and misalignment at "high" feed rates?

I’m cutting 6mm plywood on an XCarve 1000 with an investables 3mm end mill. When I cut my pieces at 1mm depth at .25 inches per second everything is fine but when I go up to .5 ips it seeks like the XCarve struggles and loses its place (perhaps because the motors are trying to push and can’t so the XCarve thinks it’s somewhere it’s not?).

Is this normal?

I’m at 12000rpm on the 24 v spindle.

For what it’s worth we’ve experimented with deeper cuts and higher feed rates and the XCarve seems unhappy. Sorry if I’m using the wrong terms. I’m pretty new.

In the picture below I was trying to cut a slanted rectangle and the XCarve got “lost”.

your loosing steps. check your belt tension…what id depth of cut???

Check out this page for troubleshooting videos, but more specifically for you, the belt tensioning, potentiometers, and stepper calibrations.