Odd issue with X and Y. New build

Got everything built but when I attempt to move the axis with Easel it just makes a grunt sound and no movement. Even without the cable it does the same thing. Z works fine.

I swapped the cables for X and Z and the stepper motors are fine.

I have also made sure the wheels are not too tight.

It’s brand new so not sure what’s going on with it. Thoughts and ideas? Anyone else run into this?

What happened when you went through the setup ? There is a section that checks for correct movement of each axis. How did this go?
Also can you move the X and Y by hand, when the power is off?

During setup it did the same thing. Just the slightest movement of the stepper. I just hooked Z ( which I know works) into X and it only twitches as well. Seems like x, y1 and y2 barely work.

With power off I can move the carriage and rail. I currently have the adjustable wheels as far down as the can go.

I would get in touch with the Inventables Customer Success team

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I know this sounds really silly but did you make sure the stepper motor wires are fully seated? I’ve had a couple times where they’ve knocked loose and it will make the same noise you said.

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Two ideas:

  1. There is a loose connection on the stepper motors or on the X-Controller

  2. Y1 and Y2 are wired backwards so the motors are working against each other.


Make sure the potentiometers are set right. Under powering can cause this. It’s the steppers stalling out due to not enough current.

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Or even possible the movements being sent are too small to see. Check your Spmm ($100,101,102)

I did check that. Set it higher and same thing.

Good call. Will take a look. Wasn’t sure I could adjust.

Can someone send me a picture of their wiring? I thought I followed the diagram properly but you never know.

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Can the pots be dialed up all the way? The steppers should be able to handle it.

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Not with the standard X-carve.

The X-controller can be set to deliver 4 amps per phase.

The normal motors that Inventables sells (NEMA 23) can only handle 2.8 amps per phase.

I’ve had mine dialed all the way up on the Y for sure possibly the z too.

Everybody decides for themselves how much risk they take.

It will be hard on your motors, but they aren’t that expensive.


I’m on the Xcontroller for so long I need to actually go and find my g shield.

Took it like a pro. So maybe it can handle it?

Thanks guys!!! Unplugged and reseated the connections. They were tight but something off. Then adjusted the potentiometers and rock and roll!

Now I need to learn how not to break bits. Totally my fault though.

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Best way is to Keep a TIGHT track of your recipes (Google sheets/excel):
Sort by:
Bit size/Type

Most important is making best practices a habit. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Cut.

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I’ll have to look and see if anyone has a cheat sheet out there already to start with.