Off-brand laser installation? would appreciate if someone could help

hello everybody, my name is sergio and i own a x carve. recently i purchased a laser from amazon after looking into a dedicated desktop laser engraving machine. i came across this laser i purchased and decided perhaps i can get this and attach it to my x carve rather then getting a whole new machine and taking more space from the shop. win win right? not exactly. once i received it i realized there was no instructions or anything included. so after months of research and searching for the how to and etc to attempt the install. i realized there are plenty of educated makers here that might be able to help or at least guide me in the right direction.

Would you be able to post the link for the laser, it might help a little to figure this out for you.

okay here it is .

Ok so what I can gather is the Red and Black will be of course your + / - 12Vdc, The problem I am having is the Blue/White wires, they will be for TTL but I can not identify which will be + / - and those will go to I believe the spindle control.

If you have a multi-meter then just check which wire of the (blue/white pair) has continuity with the black wire; that would be the ground for the TTL, and the other one would be the PWM signal for the TTL. That being said, you would not want to connect the TTL-PWM wire to the Spindle PWM of the Inventables GRBL shield/power-board nor the X-Controller. Both of those output 0-10 Vdc whereas the TTL-PWM appears to be 0-5 Vdc; doing so would likely fry the laser’s TTL control circuitry.

You might have better luck posing the question on Amazon since it definitely looks like at least one person got it working well.


Brandon Parker