Off target cutting

I am trying to cut out letters in oak and the preview shows everything lined up right but then it cuts out above the wood. What can I do to fix it?

What are your cut settings?

I just got the carvey so I have no clue what the cut settings are! I thought they calibrated automatically…here is what the cut settings says. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cut the feedrate in to 25.
Your machine probably skipped steps.
The Carvey is great, but it’s not the most powerful machine.

Ok thanks! I have one more question if you don’t mind. I got the oak wood at Lowes and it is a half inch so I put in 0.5 in in the machine. Well it seems to be cutting deeper because it’s cutting the board underneath. Any ideas? I tried putting it to 0.4 in and then it didn’t go through all the wood.

Measure with calipers. Half inch stock is rarely a half inch.
Also, throw a few layers of construction paper under the material if you’re cutting all the way through.

Ok thanks!

milled wood from any store is never the true dimensions. The mills are actually given tolerances, example a 2inch board comes in at 1.75inchs.

when doing cutouts you actually want to go a little deeper, so that there’s no spots where the bit just barely missed full depth. That would result in bad edges if you try to break your objects free.

I always cut 1 or 2 mm deeper than the stock is thick. This is generally accepted as good practice. If you want to save your wasteboard, add a sacrificial piece of 1/8" plywood under your stock as Neil also proposed.