Off topic but is there a way to get some inventables stickers?

ive seen stickers on youtube but dont see any on the web site. is there a way to get some?

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Yeah, come on @Zach_Kaplan ! Help us spread the word, and spot each other.

@MichaelUna - Done, many thanks!

yeah awesome! email sent!

Email sent! Thanks!

Email sent. Thanks!

I sent my address too. Looking forward to it.

I believe you’ve got my address, I’ll be glad to show it off when I get some stickers of my own to send out. :smile:

Hi all. I think people earlier in this thread should have their stickers by now?

I’ll dig through my inbox today and try to get anyone I missed shipped today. I should set up a web form for this…

Ok, here we go. Anybody who wants Inventables stickers, use this form to fill in your shipping info and I’ll make myself a calendar event to look at it every once in a while and mail some stuff out. Probably like once a month, which should be just long enough for you to forget about it and then be pleasantly surprised when a package arrives for you:


Are you still sending out stickers? I think Inventables should just include one in every machine order, a company I worked for threw a sticker in every order (cheap advertising) and people like stickers!

Stickers are cool. We love stickers and can totally send out stickers. Send a message to support and we can send it Monday.

I think we have some blue ones and some black ones.

Which do you prefer?

Black ones