Official X-Carve owner

OK, it’s official ! I purchased my x-carve over the weekend and all but a couple things will be delivered to my house tomorrow. Super pumped and gitty (like a kid in the candy store). I want to personally thank everyone who has answered my questions and given me many words of advice.

After many years of use, I hope I am blessed enough to be one of the people who are leaving comments and advice like so many of you. The Inventables company should thank you guys all personally because you are the reason I purchased my machine. My brother-in-law is currently building a metal worktable for me to use the X carve on. On top of the metal frame am going to install a plywood top. (Any advice is welcome)

I’ve looked through many posts in this forum along with Google searches, I’ve watched so many YouTube videos, if I wasn’t so ugly, I would think of making one myself. LOL

Well, in conclusion, I just wanted to give everyone who has replied to my questions along my journey an update. I purchased the X carve 1000 along with the dust system, Vcarve Pro, and all the accessories. Some of the stuff I’m sure I won’t need right away, but taking the advice of @JkWestphal, “it’s better to have it and not need it. Than to need it and not have it.” Again… I Thank all of you guys for helping me along my journey. If it wasn’t for my Heavenly Father and a few other good people, I know this wouldn’t have materialized. Thanks again and GOD BLESS !!!

Special Thanks you to @PhilJohnson, @Zach_Kaplan


Congratulations Sam.

Congratulations! Welcome to the club. I would highly recommend that you order another 50 or so Tee Nuts and another 50 or so M5 low profile crews of various lengths.

Congratulations. Welcome to a new life and challenges. I new as well and I can say it wonderful making projects that I could only dream of before getting the xcarve

Welcome to the rabbit hole!
Be sure to continue to share your sucesses, and your failures too. You learn something every time you make a mistake, although you may not realize it at the time.

Take time to laugh at yourself and your oops’s, and dont be afraid to laugh at ours if it’s appropriate. I’m sure we will do the same for(to) you.:wink:

Take your time putting it together, we understand you are chomping at the bit to start making dust, it will save you frustration in the long run by being closer to being “dialed-in” when you hit carve for the first time.
And when something isnt working as it should you will have more of a clue as to what it may be.

Above all, play safely and develop good habits. Safety glasses, no loose clothing, yada,yada, yada.

it takes less time to do it in a safe manner than than it does to heal up afterwards assuming that you fully recover from the injury in the first place.

With a spinning bit and things that move on thier own things can go wrong in a hurry. Dont do anything you dont want to explain to the paramedics.