Offline CAM, CAD, g-code sender?

I’m new to cnc routing (but very excited). Easel is great. I started playing with it months ago when I was contemplating buying an X-Carve. I already have about 10 projects just waiting for me to hit carve.

Here is my issue:

My original plan was to put my X-Carve in my attached shed. It’s fairly empty and I have plenty of room. My concern is noise. It shares a wall with the main living space of my townhouse. That’s problem 2…I live in a townhouse community. Luckily I’m and end unit and my shed is on the farthest side away from my neighbor. But I’m worried about the noise. So I’m thinking taking it to the warehouse where I work making custom closets. Only problem with that is I have no internet access.

So what are some good/decent and cheap/maybe free programs I could try?

Think about building an enclosure around your machine with some sound deading material. That and the fact your shed in on the end of the complex I don’t think you will have a problem. Be sure and keep the door to the outside world closed while the machine is operating.
Don’t run real early in the morning or late at night. Have the wife mow the lawn at the same time the machine is running. :grinning: :grinning:


Here is free Software for Off line Gcode sending, (9.5 MB)

But you also need software for Gcode generation like V-Carve - Cut 2D/3D etc.
If you already have drawing program this post processor needs to be installed to that software; (1.9 KB)

Let us know if you have any question. We’re all here to help each other. Good luck.


Depending on what you are cutting and how you are set up, the noise level isn’t as bad as some may think

Slower spindle and feed speeds, and shallower depth of cut makes a world of difference on any CNC machine. Doors closed and operating on a solid rather than hollow surface (think of a drum…) can reduce transmitted noise alot as well.

The best way to keep the neighbors from complaining about your party is to invite them to it!

If you are on good terms with your neighbor, talk to them about it. they may be more accepting if they understand what you are doing. Offer to make a project for them, maybe let them watch.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’ll look into building an enclosure for it and also tinker with feed rates and such and see how it does.