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I absolutely love the Easel software. Since using Easel for over a year now, I think I have spent most of my time in the design phase of my projects. I love the ease of use and the “all in one” of having all of my projects organize and the ability to send the G-code directly to my CNC without an interpreter. No other programs to mess with, learn or update. Which is why my biggest wish list item would be an offline mode when designing. Or at least, allow me to determine how often I back up to the server when I am designing. Thank you!

You can design off line it automatically save it when you leave. I take that back because my computer is always hooked to the internet. Never tried it without a connection.

You’re correct… kindof. You can login to the website, open a project, let it load, and then remove the internet connection and continue from there with some functionality.
You can use shapes, pre-installed fonts, SVG import, run simulation and run the carve, all while offline.

Functions that require an active connection:
Design Library (Basic and Pro sections)
Pro Fonts Library (if they are already installed you will still have access, just not to the full list of un-installed fonts)
App Library
DXF import and Image Trace.

So It’s not entirely unusable, but I’m sure a fully offline version would be useful for some.
Personally, I see value in the browser based online method because I can access my projects from any computer, anywhere. It’s a simple process for sharing my files with others and having then share theirs with me via a simple hyperlink.
Not to mention that it’s probably a complex process to verify account status if that offline version followed the same subscription model as Easel Pro does.

Regarding save points, you can do this manually by using duplicate workpieces, leaving your prior workpiece behind as a save point…, that’s what I do until I’m sure I’m done with the design, then I delete my timeline of prior workpieces.

Regardless, I’ve moved this post into the “Easel - Features Request” category :+1:

Thank you Seth. I always appreciate your input. Thanks for moving over to features request section.

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