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Offsetter App - Keep Original parameter

I’ve noticed that in the Offsetter app the “Keep Original” checkbox doesn’t seem to do anything.

I often use the Offsetter app to “break apart” a complex shape that was imported as an SVG.
I set the “Distance” to 0 and uncheck the “Keep Original” box and it always gives me the two versions for every shape in the original, I would have expected to get just one set of shapes.

Looking at the source code from easel, the parameter is being set but is never used. Is the source for this app available? If so, I could submit a pull request to make some updates.

Hi Sean!

The source code for that app is here:

This app was built using v1 of the Easel app framework, which didn’t support removing volumes from the user’s project. I think in order to implement that checkbox, you would have to migrate the app to the v2 framework. The v2 framework is documented here:

The dev docs also include some links to example apps that use the v2 framework.

Thanks for offering to help out with this!


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@JeffTalbot Thanks for the reply. Is the offsetter-app in a private repository? The link you provided gave a 404, and I don’t see Offsetter in the Invetables repositories.

I have also applied for developer access from the V2 site.
Thanks again, I’m excited to see what I can help out with.

Oops. Sorry. Should be public now.

Yep. I emailed you to let you know you have access.

Let me know if you have any other issues.


@JeffTalbot I’m all set, thank you!

@JeffTalbot I have the Offsetter app working with “Keep Original” option. What is the process for getting you guys to look at the changes I have made and integrating them into easel? Should I create a Pull Request for the existing App? Or can you look at the App that is in my account?


Wow, that is awesome!

We can do it either way. A PR might be better.

Ok, PR has been submitted

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Excellent. We’ll take a look.

Hi Sean,

We merged your changes and updated the app. Do you want to take it for a spin?


In version 2 of the API, you can remove volumes from the design and place volumes in specific places. I wonder if it would be better if this app kept all the offsets in place relative to the original shape, and deletes the original volume if “keep original” isn’t checked? (The action can always be undone.)

Awesome, thanks Jeff.
I agree, I think version 2 of the API would work better.
I will take a look converting this app to the version 2 format.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Cool! As a token of thanks for fixing that issue, I gave you 20 Easel Pro day passes in your account.

Let me know if you have any questions about migrating that app to v2.


That’s great! Thank you.

Hey @JeffTalbot, I noticed an issue if the original shape has more than one polygon.
I’ve updated the code on my end to address this and made another PR.

Hi Sean,

We approved the PR and merged it in. Thanks again!


@JeffTalbot here is my stab at migrating the app to version 2.0 of the api

Cool! We will take a look at that as soon as we get a chance and get back to you.


Hi Sean! Would you be willing to create a pull request for your API v2 changes? If so, I’ll hop right onto reviewing it.


@DavidAltenburg1, done. Thank you.

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