Offsetting a hole?

Hey guys.

Is there a way to offset a hole (circled in red) in a direction of the green arrow, using the centre of the circle (in blue)

Well, there are times when Easel jut isn’t the best tool for the job and precision mechanical design is one of them… however if youre okay with some inacuracy (up to about 0.2mm) then i can show how i would do it within easel.

If you could share the project i can Make a short video showing with your actual project. The method to share and where to copy the link is shown in the 2nd half of this video,: Simple Method - How To send a friend your Easel Project - YouTube

And how far did you want it moved away, and all 4 or just the one?

@MarioSchembri & Seth.
Why not just rotate the design until the center of the holes are aligned with either the X or the Y axis, and move the small one along the axis, rinse and repeat.

That’s kinda where the slight inaccuracy I mentioned comes in. it would be difficult to rotate it to place them precisely along the axis with the degree of accuracy in the rotation angle easel offers… but yeah, that’s exactly what I was going to suggest doing.

@MarioSchembri @SethCNC
Looks like we are going to cut a cylinder head gasket, if so and if the small hole is for coolant or oil, it can block the hole up to about 10% with no harm, also in many cases if you are concerned about position, you can enlarge the hole by a couple of mm with no problem.

Looks like a gasket but no, an electric motor mount for model aircraft, just trying to get the 4 bolts holes to align correctly.

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