Oh Inventables, You Big Tease!

Seems like my eager anticipation for the x-carve shall wait a few more days… The main box of components arrived yesterday with the waste-board… nothing else… was hoping for the rest to be delivered today, boy did I look like a pathetic puppy dog at the window waiting for the post man… I’m dying here!!!

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Haha that is extremely unfortunate! I feel for you… whatever solace that might provide.

Aww man, bad luck…well you can at least start with what you have so far?

I know how you feel. It felt like mine took forever to get to my place and when it did, it was piece by piece.

I second what @DallasPowers said, you could start on the inserts in the underside of the waste board and start building the carriage assemblies.

I just hit the 2 week mark since ordering mine. I enter my house through the garage and every day I walk to the front door and peek out onto the porch just in case I missed seeing it when I drove in the driveway. A 1000mm waste board could be “tucked in” behind the potted plant, right? Right?

Um, I think they might go by a different name in the instructions…

I feel your pain on the delivery. I was lucky that all of mine showed up on the same day, but the day they were out for delivery was also trash day in my neighborhood (and we have three pick-ups, trash/recycling/composting), so I was constantly running to the window whenever I heard a large truck outside :smile:

Lol… Stupid autocorrect. Oh the carnage!