OK how true is it for easel?

Since i cant seem to login on my desktop and shop laptop “3 total computers” into easel. From what I’ve read when I first start up my x-carve It needs to go thru easel. Is this true?

Yes and no. Easel has been very well set up to automatically input the GRBL variables you need for correct operation. However, it’s entirely possible to just use something like UGCS or Chillipeppr and input them yourself one at a time. Doing it that way takes a little bit longer, but only perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes and accomplishes exactly the same thing.

Ok so for initial setup I don’t need easel. Thats good to hear because I will be using vcarve and UGCS. What a relief!!!

I know that the correct settings have been posted a couple times, it’s just a matter of sending them as commands one at a time, if I’m thinking correctly. GRBL is fairly easy to work with.