Ok - new, could REALLY use a hand here

Hi guys.

Got my carvey today, going to use it for some projects in regards to my work.

However, even though the setup was fairly easy im a bit disappointed in how hard it is to actually get going; yes, im new to CNCing, but i did once have a roland CNC (small one) - and i do remember it was quite easy to import a solidworks file, and get grinding.

Now, what id like to do;

Id like to take a solidworks file, import it into “a program”, and then have that program generate some toolpaths.

The obstacles;

Oh … so many. :slight_smile:
First of all - if i follow the instructions for setting up the postprocessor in autodesk fusion for PC - it doesnt work: The menu simply isnt there, so i cant really progress on that one.

For Meshcam, i cant figure out how to do it.

For vcarve, i can sort of see where its going, but its too complex.

So… im willing to learn, but im also looking for the easiest possible way to get cncing my own models from solidworks; can someone please help me out with some pointers here?

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update: Ok so… i figured out how to use autodesk fusion. Basicall you have to open the program, click the left arrow down where it says model, select cam.

In there you then have to SELECT a tool - any tool. And then, you will be able to follow the instructions about adding post processing.

However - now ive done that, it seems that if i then save the file, and try to open it in easel, it complains its not valid Gcode.

If some kind soul out there could give me a very simple idea - or just a file - of cutting out a square, using one of carveys own tools, in this program - and how to import it, i would be very grateful!

Are you just looking for a sample from Fusion 360 that will go through Easel and work on the Carvey? I’m no pro, but I’ve been using Fusion 360 to import gcode into Easel.
If you’d like, attach a model and I’ll take a look at it.

Hi Neil

Thanks for answering; id love a sample model - what i would actually love even more, if you had the time, was if you could explain the WHOLE process to me. Importing a model, then do this this this and that, up to the point of importing it into easel (which i know).

That would be a really big help; once i crack that, i can do all the tests i want!

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@MikDahl-nielsen If you have a model and you know the stock you will be carving, send me the info & files. I can try to put something together or at least get the CAM set up in Fusion 360.

You need to be certain to use a post-processor which will create code which Grbl will accept.

There’s a bit on this w/ some links at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Commercial_Software#3D_CAD