OKay... this sucks

Yes, i have searched, but i have cut jobs stacking up by the minute, and i need HELP.

my laptop crashed earlier… came downstairs to get things cranked up, and my windows 7 machine is dead, trying to self-diagnose and repair a boot problem

Now, i have dug my old XP tower out and gotten it all connected up. I’ve downloaded the FTDI drivers, and have downloaded about 6 versions of easel local, and i can’t get my computer to see the machine. after Easel Local install, i am getting an error message saying the NSSM has failed to start.

any suggestions? This machine is a large percentage of my income, and i have pieces sold, and shipping labels already printed…

Back when I was invited to the initial Easel beta I didn’t have much luck running it on any of the machines I regularly used, save for my son’s gaming rig.

Could you get access to Easel on some other computer say at a library, export the G-Code from your Easel projects, then use a 3rd party communication / control program such as Universal G-Code Sender or bCNC? List of options here: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Communication_/_Control

Here is a thread that might point you in the right direction:

Easel local setup not running

I agree with @WillAdams, and i don’t believe you need to find a new computer. As long as you can log into Easel you should be able to export the gcode even without connecting to the machine. Then use a different sender (like ugs) to run the job on your cnc.

Good luck!

I’ll read thru that one when I get home from my day job. Thanks in advance for any assistance I find there.

As far as using UGS, I managed to find the machine in device manager BEFORE I installed drivers. Since then, I have my magical USB com port showing up, and I can manually choose the Com in easel setup, but if my machine can’t find it, then how can I even use UGS to send?

This is a known problem for XP it appears. This thread: Entering a machine’s COM port manually talks about the issues. There was a suggestion to revert back to Easel ver 2.2 in another thread that pointed to this one.

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Another one I’ll check out. I have a little windows 7 tower I’m gonna dig out and try too

Good luck to you. I hope it works so you can finish your projects.