(Old) Lead Screw Upgrade Kit (OLD THREAD)

Casey, where in SC are you from? I’m in Columbia (Blythewood). Lovin your Tiger/Gamecock stuff. Never thought about consignment shops…I’m trying to get up enough courage to hit the flea markets in W. Columbia.

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I’m over towards Summerville. Are ya’ll getting any snow up there? It’s coming down hard here for the first time in 8 years. My brother and sister both went to USC in Columbia. I never liked it that much lol.

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I would consider it of course. But the amount of work involved coordinating everything between customers and suppliers is tremendous. I’m looking into a web based system. But I’m not sure if it will do what I need. I’m still sort of in discussions with said Dev.

Once my legal issues around everything is cleared up I plan on getting all my orders sent out.

I really liked the Denmark sign. Nice color combinations.

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I’m up in Greenville. Love the Gamecock…not so much the tiger :grin:

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i’ve started a build thread for my conversion so far


Can you explain how you did this? It’s something I’ve thought about but not sure how to make it work with an X-Carve.

This was done on a homebuilt machine whose side plates extend bellow the base and are bridged with an under beam to create a boxed gantry. The single Y drives the middle of that beam.

The X-Carve is designed to be dual Y and I would NOT recommend to mess with it. It would take a whole lot of customization to raise the bed, make taller side plates and bridge them… only to realize in the end that you have lost rigidity.

Ah OK, makes sense. I’ll continue to defer the dream of having servos on the X-Carve then :smiley:

@Phantomm any updates regarding the time table? I was planning a tear down and tune up but was going to hold off if there was a chance the kit would be ready soon.

Actually Im going to find out tonight if im free and clear. I will be posting an update soon and will be putting in all the invoices at the same time.

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Im Cleared!!!:relieved:
Emails have been sent out to those on the list for this batch! :grin:
New deadline is 3/1 so people have time to respond.

if I didnt recieve an email, am I on a waitlist for next time? or should I ask again on the 1st

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You were on the foreign Ship list.

If anyone else missed their email please advise.

put me on the wait list! 1000x1000 kit, previously had a smaller envelope ball-screw desktop unit so definitely interested.

What type of unit did you have?

xcarve 1000x1000, latest version. planned upgrade cncnewbie’s z axis at least…

if you mean what previous units did I have with ball screws: used two Chinese alu-frame 3040 and 6090 machines (frames only), G540 drivers, etc…

Also built two systems when starting, both ball screw based… one 12x12
HDPE and another 12x24 MDF

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Is it too late to get in on this ship list? I’m unsure if I can yet, will know in a couple days, but am curious if there is even a spot open.

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