(Old) Lead Screw Upgrade Kit (OLD THREAD)

Apparently I have to figure out how to private message someone first. So let me not add to your aggravation for now until I can figure that part out. If you are still doing the upgrades, I will put my name in the hat and get on your list at a later time.

Many thanks for the fast responce to my post, sorry I could not help you out this time.

Everyone, please send your information! I’d really like to get my upgrade kit soon. kthxbai


Any update? I have mx XC torn apart and I’m debating on putting it back together versus waiting on your kit… Thanks!

Still waiting on a few people. And I’m at least two weeks out as my supplier is gonna take that long.

Would it be possible for you to post a list of who you currently have on the list. That way we can make sure we didn’t miss something.

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I can but as my list contains personal info I won’t. There is just one or two people left. I’m not driving anyone nuts yet until we get closer to the finish line. One I get notified by my supplier I will put this in motion.
Here is a little taste of a project that took more setup time than cut time. :joy:


So I’ve been collecting parts for a little while and got just the plates when i was over in the US. Avoid a little import taxes and shipping costs to the UK you see.

My plan is to convert my x carve over to screw drive during the Christmas break, i have the in-laws coming so hiding in the workshop seems like a good plan. Would people be interested in a build blog/vlog? I’m also changing my Z axis over to an Igus linear guide and changing to the X controller at the same time.

I think i have enough parts apart from the X carriage and some maker slide for Y rails to build a second x carve from spares these days.


you convinced me - how do i buy this?
i have a request - i need a larger z height
please let me know

Update for everyone on the list.
I just ran into a bit of an issue that will delay me for a few weeks minimum. It’s unrelated to the product, more of a legal issue. (One of the reasons I did not collect payments yet).
Once it’s cleared up I will start sending out invoices to y’all. If anyone would like to cancel their order due to the delay please pm me, since the waiting list is piling up and others would like to join. I did have a few cancellations but they were quickly filled.

I do very much apologize to everyone but as it’s out of my control I will resolve it as fast as I can.

Do you happen to have a ballpark idea of the delay? Are we talking well into January or even February? Thanks

Honestly not sure. I hit a legal wall pretty hard. I’m looking for a way through or around it. In my town and the state of New Jersey they have rules for which direction you can cut your lawn. And I even got a ticket with a picture attached of my cars tire off the driveway on my law.
But as I said. As soon as I figure it out I’m full steam ahead. :disappointed_relieved::pray::pray::pray:

Wow thats harsh.
I thought CA was full of crazy laws.

What part of NJ you from. Im in jersey. Thats crazy I don’t even cut my grass. My yard looks like a jungle right now.

Ocean county. Almost as communist as money can buy :joy:.

That sucks. Im in union county now gonna move to middlesex county soon. Part of the reason i can’t order a lead screw right now. If you ever want to work on something together let me know.

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Burlington County here, and I hate the law’s in this state.

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Wow, I wonder what their reaction would be to crop circles…

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That’s covered under section iii-4.7 All crop circles must be cut clockwise; and crop circle must be less than 40 ft wide at a distance of no less than 4 feet from property line. The fine for any violation will be no less than $125 and 5 years imprisonment, or $5,000,000 and or a death sentence.

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@Phantomm is it still possible to get one of these kits?

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If there is a cancellation I’ll pm you. However the wait list is pretty long.