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Old xcarve pre 2016 power signal

I have a xcarve that has the gshield. I bought a laser jtech and wired it the way it shows but the laser won’t triger. Any help would be appreciated. I have the switch in logic. From what I can tell with a tester im not geting any signal on pin 11. I can flip the switch to on and the laser comes on.

What is your $=30 setting?


That is right. Which switch are you flipping on the one on the laser?

No the one on the 24v power supply

Have you reset the laser? There is a small reset button that if the power goes off needs to be reset.

Yes I have

Well not sure. I had one on an older machine but it has been to long ago to remember. Did you check with Jay at Jtech?

I can turn the laser on manually. But can’t get it to trigger automatically. Just got it last night and there closed tell the 27th. I think it on the xcarve side of stuff.

What program are you using to run it?

Lightburn also tryed ugs to send a m03 s1000 command didn’t work. Everything else works

Are you sure you have the 1000 set in lightburn. If it does not match your $=30 setting it will not fire.


Yes I doubt checked that as well it matches

Can you copy and paste your lightburn setting so i can take a look at them?

Yes it will be a minute

Can you show me both the full page setting for lightburn so i can check them with mine?

I don’t see anything wrong. Did you check your grbl setting when you were hooked to Lightburn to be sure your $=30=1000? Not sure what else it could be if it firs manually.