Older XCarve stopped working today!

Dependable until today - 2016 500mm X-Carve with Uno. Setting up to use today, stepping the Y axis up suddenly both the X controller and my laptop shut down.

Thought it was Windows update that caused it but since then no connection. Tried different cables and another computer. No connection - blue carve button.

When trying to re-flash “grbl” IDE reports zip file invalid without correct contents.

Not sure what to do next…

I do have a un-assembled X-Controller Kit (black box) that I bought with an also un-assembled 750mm in 2017 and never used. If I assemble it will it connect to my old XCarve?

The X-Controller will most definitely power an older machine. You just have to hook it up correctly.

With respect to the Uno/GShield controller, have you tried connecting to it with the Arduino IDE? Is that the IDE you spoke of?

Also, it might be worth just assembling the 750mm machine with the X-Controller and work on figuring out the 500mm Uno/GShield machine when time permits. I have NEVER regretted upgrading my original 500mm machine to a 750mm.


Brandon Parker

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Thanks for the reply - I will be assembling my 750mm this winter - but I have only days to complete a time sensitive engraving.

I have assembled the X-Controller I purchased in 2017. Left the DIP switches default (1/8 micro-stepping), also defaulted power off idle. I did turn down the pots, and reduce power to motors, my 500mm has NEMA 17 motors from 2015.

Read through the rest and test in the morning. Crossing fingers that might just pull it off! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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So, you set the dip switches in the X-Controller as shown in the post below? Also, if you made any other settings changes to your old controller then you need to redo those (i.e. steps/mm or something…). Maybe check $1…

I would run through a proper current setting sequence if you did not.


Brandon Parker

FYI - thanks for all the replies!

I did get the X-Controller working with my 500mm and finished my engraving project in time.