OMG! another clamp thread YAY!

Hello everyone i thought I would share a clamp design that i have been working on today this will help with having a solid right angle to support material

Let me know what you think and if you can think of any uses for it


I had one of those and threw it away, but it came right back… (pause for laughter)

Good idea!


@RobertA_Rieke the Australian aboriginal word for a non-returning boomerang is a stick


i a still pausing haha!!

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i like your beer table. Thats a cool idea!

a handy way to get a 90 when clamping i have a few of these from woodpecker made of aluminum

Great idea! I wonder if one of them should have wider holes or slots perhaps? That way you could stack them and use the top one to actually clamp the piece down.


thanks lol keeps the drinks at arms reach


oh sweet yeah it was more or less inspired by carvey I am planning to incorporate a zero touch plate into it also


hey mike i like your thinking could you elaborate on your idea a bit and I will see that i come up with?

So here’s my thought:

In this project you can see that there are slight differences between the two pieces. They are meant to stack on top of each other and provide an origin guide AND a clamp.

To use them you’d first take the one with the thinner legs (it’s the one closest to the origin in the design) and use the middle hole on each leg (the one with the countersink) to bolt it to the wasteboard. This is your origin. Next, place your material on the X-Carve. Then, take the piece with the thicker legs, and using the remaining holes, clamp it down. As long as your material isn’t too much thicker than the origin guide this ought to work quite well. It won’t work at all if the material is thinner than the origin guide.


hmm so i am still a bit confused but i thin i see what you are saying and by that desgin the material being cut needs to be the same or very close to the thickness of the clamp that you are using so that you can get clamping pressure?

here is a pic of how i am using the clamps to clamp material down I find that if the material is flat i dont necessarily need downward clamping force all i need to do is make sure that the material will not move

do you plan on cutting a set of these out and showing them in use?


I remeber you where talking about using slots in the clamps to create movement so i think if i make the clamps wider and slot each hole except for the origin hole this will allow for movement and greater clamping force

in this picture above i was using the long clamps to provide clamping pressure into the angle because the material being cut was to small to put 2 of the angle clamps together

but i did make the holes large on the angle clamps to allow for some movement and thus clamping pressure but i see my flaw the material needs to also line up with the holes in the waste board sense there is so little movement i think with slots it will allow for a greater range of material sizes to be cut

but lol yeah this doesnt provide down ward clamping force like your new clamps are providing and really correct me if i am wrong but that would only work with flat material also right because say you clamped all 4 sides with your clamps the middle would have the potential to bow upwards right? this could be over come by simply putting a bolt through the material into the wasteboard to flatten the center and you would have a secure method of clamping much more so than my original clamps

but i guess the same problem still remains that you would have to cut a whole bunch of different thickness of clamps for a range of material thickness in order to cut a range of materials

okay okay i think that i have got it you could make a set of clamps like you say and bolt them together and if the material is 2 thin for the clamps to grab ahold of then you could simply add some additional threaded holes to the clamps that you could use a bolt to actually push down on the material being cut

that would probably work i guess the only downside to that is a portion of your material will be inside of the clamp so if your zero point was on the very edge of your material then your would always need to make sure that your desgin in say easel was say .25" away from the origin on the x and y axis

that wouldnt be so much of a problem if the material being used allows for it and i know that 90% of things i have cut so far would have no problem doing this

@ontheEDGE It seems like you’re doing most of your work on thinner stock than your guides. The idea I had won’t work that way. It needs material that’s thicker than the guides/clamps in order to work.

I may cut a set of them out to demonstrate, but I don’t think I have any stock that’s big enough right now.

yeah i haven’t really cut anything over 1" yet i deal alot with the thinner stock but i like your idea and look forward to seeing you make a set i am actually going to cut a set of yours out myself

I just found a piece of plywood that this will fit on, so I’m gonna cut it out and set the guides up so you can see what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


sweet man

Ok so first things first, don’t cut a set of these out yet. The holes aren’t right because I threw this together in too much haste. I will fix it and re-share it.

Second off, this would be step one:

Yes I know there’s only one bolt in place. They don’t line up right, remember?

Anyway here’s step 2:

When I fix the holes I’ll add countersinks for the top part so the bolts can get some extra grab into the threaded inserts on the wasteboard.

Yes, you’re right that you sacrifice about 1/4" on the bottom and left sides of the material. But, if your wood isn’t totally flat, it can help a great deal.

A few washers on the bolts would act as spacers to let this system work for any thickness of stock.

And here’s the new file with the correct spacing for the holes, and countersinks for the top bolts. I use 50mm bolts and they ought to work just fine for this project, but I don’t have time to cut another set out tonight.


oh okay sweet i will take a look I see what you mean about the clamps now i like it’

wait where was that file?