On carve the X axis wanders off

Hi all. I have the XCarve and have had it for almost a year now. Recently a problem is happening that I am at a bit of a loss to explain it or figure it out. I will be doing a carve and after about 75% of the way through the carve, the X starts to creep to the left edge of the project. Within a short time it can, and has creeped up to 3/4" off the origins. The Y and the Z appear stable. This problem is not a software issue as I have had this happen in both Easel and PicSender. The belt appear to have the proper tension as well as the guide wheels are snug and track well.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Is the pulley for X belt fastened to motor with set screws or press fit?
Are the teeth on the belt in good condition from end to end?
If you could share some cut details would help diagnose.

Well Mark. I readjusted the belts, (they may have been a bit loose), checked all screws and nuts, and then just for fun, opened up the controller and tested the pot settings. Interesting discovery. The X pot was 0.003 VDC, the Y was 0.009 and the Z was also 0.009 VDC. I turned the settings up on the X and now all 3 read the same. Redid the project that screwed up on me earlier and - lo & behold, it turned out perfectly. I am curious as to whether or not pots can go out of adjustment like that or if it is a sign that they are dying? I don’t think that the table vibrates enough so that they would move so it is either I was lucky up to this point or this is a sign of what is to come. Thanks for your pointers. They were greatly appreciated

I assume you have the X controller and not the previous G shield?
To my knowledge the pots in the x controller do not require adjustment and have never heard of them changing adjustment?
Maybe someone else can weigh in on that.

Yes, mine is the X controller. I too would love to hear of others experiences with this.

Before pot adjustment

You can see where the drift started to happen. The 0,0 position is actually top right here in the picture. The drift started at about 80% into the project and got worse from there. My thought is that the controller board was heating up slowly and by the time it got this far into the project, it was dropping out on a safety and therefore missing steps while the rest of the board kept right on working happily.

After pot adjustment. Perfect cut with no drift

(Needs another sanding. I bumped it off the bench shortly after the first coat of varathane went on. UGH!!!)