One of the perks of having an X-Carve in the shop

I didn’t think of this until last night… but one of the great perks of having an X-Carve in the shop is the required computer to control it.

Computer = Live Video Streams (ESPN, xfinity live stream tv… etc) .

I’m just an old comfy recliner and mini-fridge away from not having to ever leave the shop!!!


Great game.

I’ve got a TV and fridge already. Maybe I should move an old recliner from the home office to my shop now!?!?!?

Oh, and I can’t believe I stayed awake for the game last night!

Could not agree more. Especially if you have one of these on your network:

(If you have cable that is)

Put a downshear bit in that DeWalt, man! lol

I just barely got my Elaire collet… so i had to use whatever 1/8 bits i had :smile:

I’m actually using a Onsrud 1/4" shank 1/8" diameter downshear in mine, at the moment. It’s a uniflute, which works quite nicely with the limited RPM control on the DeWalt. I use my 1/8" collet for leeeeeeeeetle bits, 1/32nd and soforth. I tend to prefer the largest shank diameter I can use for a given diameter, to help with bit stability.