One View for a 3bit carve

Looking to create a cutting board that will have 3 different bits/carves. logo with a 60 degree bit, juice groove with 1/2 bowl bit and the cutout with a 1/8 downcut bit.

I want to view what it will look like on one page with all 3 bit types. What am i missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Software that can do that. Easel can’t.

Can you just make a pocket for the juice groove just for the preview simulation?

Yes…I can. I do each bit on a different screen. It would jus be nice to show a “proof” to a customer before cutting it in easel.

Easel can’t simulate a bowl bit anyway, right?

I created a .500 downcut bit and it gives me the “look” i was wanting.

For a 3-bit single operation you need something like V-carve pro (which can essentially have an infinite number of tools for a given operation - there is probably a point of diminishing returns)

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