Only endmill bits?

I have a 1" bowl bit for my router which I’d like to use in order to make a wooden plate. The bit cuts a flat bottom with a small radius going into a straight side. A bit like a straight cut bit with rounded corners. As long as I take into account the size of the bit am I still able to use this on the x-carve with a trim router mounted?


Waiting to do the same thing once the Dewalt 611 mount is up for sale. Cant wait. Let me know how it turns out Dave.

I’m a ways off, still need to order my x-carve, just want to get all the research done so no surprises when it arrives.

Cool. If you need anything just give me a shout ill do what i can for ya and if you have any questions about the build, let me know. You can send me an emal or give me a ring.