Only some questions about "real" 3D carving

I own a 1000x1000 x-carve with x-controller

I want to know if, using Universal G-code Sender, the control software installed on the controller is overwritten?

Do any of you use Universal G-code Sender with X-Controller?

Last question; can I use X-controller with Universal G-code Sender, or do I have to change electronics?

Thanks to anyone who will answer!

1 - No, it does not overwrite GRBL parameters (unless told to do so, similar to Easel)
2 - Many do *
3 - Yes *
(* - depending on work flow, design suites etc the proper post processor need to be used)

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Thanks for your reply!

Now its time to try 3D carving…

It should be noted you don’t need to use UGS to 3d carve. Easel is more than capable of accepting imported g-code.

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Hi Pyrex

I would like to create reliefs, using only easel and trying to generate G-code I have never been able to make it work… you know how to do?

I was basically saying if you use vcarve pro or aspire, you can export the g-code and then import with easel.

Thx Pyrex…I try to work with Vectric and Aspire… Pray for me :slight_smile:

I use the x controller and UGS exclusively with my Xcarve. I design in Rhino and create 3d Gcode in Meshcam. I remove any codes that UGS doesn’t support by editing in Notepad. There are a few M codes that my post processor throws into the mix.

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Thanks MartinW.Mcclary

As soon as I get a 3d pad, I will publish a complete guide, because I have not yet found one on how to succeed…

So you have 3D gcode and it won’t work with UGS or you don’t know what to do with it? I have the classic version of 1.09 downloaded to my laptop. There are tabs at the top of the screen. You would want the file tab for running a program. When you click on that, it allows you to go to your computer and click on the file you want to run. Then you hit " send". Then it runs each line. Occasionally you have to delete some things. The % sign is one of them.

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I have always had trouble creating a valid gcode for easel now plan I start to understand how I do, but I still to work a lot without being able to start work :confused:

Yes, you CAN… but I would NOT.

Easel is not supportive of 3D carving, as it does not do Arcs properly. It converts the arc to a line segment, causing choppy carves.

UGS DOES support 3D carving. When it sees an arc command (G2 or G3) it simply feeds that directly to the controller for processing. No conversion.

On smaller projects, you may not notice the line segments, but on larger carves, you will definitely notice it!



Both of them support it, clearly. UGS does give a cleaner look using arcs. I think it’s most obvious when you’re milling aluminum.

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