Only the flat 2D file format :svg/image trace?

I wonder how the limit of the Carvey machine
cause I want to carve things like:

and the Easel imports only
svg/image trace
then i would rather buy things like Cricut Explore Tools about $250

The carvey machine can do that if you use the right software it is 3d capable

its 3d capable but not 4 or 5 axis capable so anything that you can cut on 3 axis you can do it

thanks! seems like I need to use tools like Fusion 360
to transform
.DXF to .SVG,and control Z axis with an SVG by adjust the color between black and white,
than import to Easel ,which is the only controller of Carvey?

I believe that you can control carvey with other things than easel you can use things like mach3, chilipepper, universal gcode sender

I hope someone else chims in as I am not 100 percent familiar with carvey but i believe its still controlled with grbl so anyone of those controllers will work

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