Onshape > DXF > SVG > Easel pipeline?

I’ve been working on a project in OnShape and I found that I can export faces of my parts as DXF files, which Easel doesn’t accept for some reason, and word on the street is I need to convert that to SVG before Easel will take it. I did this in illustrator and I got a useless pile of lines that is pretty incoherent and easel basically crashed when I imported it. Attached is the image in illustrator that has a stroke and is filled black, though only pockets are filled in and most of it is free floating unconnected vector lines.


Is there a way that I can get another program to read this data better to more easily go from OnShape to Easel? It would be an insane amount of work to recreate the faces of every part in Illustrator all over again. What can I do? I’m at a loss of what direction to go in.

Inkscape will create SVG files from DXF.

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adobe illustrator can convert DXF to SVG

I had all kinds of trouble with this too, then I started using SketchUcam (or Autocad 360) and Universal Gcode sender!

hey that looks like what I need! I’m a little new to illustrator, how can I merge the parts into one shape like that?

It sounds like you have illustrator and if you are trying to combine shapes try using the Pathfinder tool to create one shape out of multiple in illustrator:

It doent sound like you have AutoCAD, but i often use it for exports like this to optimize the lines and remove duplicate and overlapping lines.The command “OVERKILL” that will optimize the lines and remove overlapping lines.

On a side note make sure you don’t have overlapping lines as it could cause the machine to go over the same area multiple times which wouldn’t be the worst but it would be very bad if it inferred those lines were a deeper depth than needed.

I tried using Pathfinder but it just said there’s nothing to combine, I’ll give it another shot, thanks