Oops, limit switch in the wrong place - lazy fix

OK, so I went to commission my X-carve (I mean 2 years after I built it, hahaha - I’ve been busy). I own a “real” milling machine so am pretty familiar with getting a mill up and working. Went through the stepper check, and then enabled the limit switches and tried to home. The mill slammed into the end of Y and didn’t stop. I hit e-stop and took a look… OMG I am such a moron and put the limit switch on the wrong side of the plate to hit that front plate at the end of Y.

Now I looked at this and thought, I mean I could take it all apart and swap the switch to the inside of that plate, but that sounds like work. A quick drop into Fusion and I made a little clip on end-stop which attaches via 2 tapped M2.5 socket head screw holes. Yeah, I guess I now have a 999mm Y-axis, but whatever. and “0” is now +1mm in Y. I mean I am not machining turbine blades on this (mostly wood signs, etc) so precision placement isn’t critical here

I may not understand what happened but I think you have the limit switch in the correct place, you’re just missing the aluminum spacer that is bolted to the Y rails.

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Apparently I am (didn’t even know I was missing it). Well now I have my own version I guess (I had to make a spacer version for the X-axis one as the dust shoe impacts the side before the limit switch trips.

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that is why it is a limit switch stop. just loosen the bolt and slide the spacer up or down the rail as needed to get the limit switch to trip on the location of your needs.

with a few practice runs (move the switch and rerun the homing command) you can get the machine to stop exactly where you want on the homing cycle.

Apparently I don’t have one of those either (I mean god knows what got missed in the build years ago). So it was just easier to 3D print one (I measured out a distance with a set of calipers and printed the stop the right length (if I need it adjustable I will just tap the hole to allow adjustment via a screw.