Open-source digital fabrication and motion platform

I came across this project while seeing what was new with the HandiBot which is made by ShopBot. Not a bad product but not sure it is worth $2,800.

Anyway back on subject, FabMo is an open source project. Here is the blurb from the website;

“FabMo is an open-source, digital fabrication and motion platform of software and hardware. Originated by the Handibot team at ShopBot Tools, FabMo has a powerful core motion system, G2, created by Synthetos. FabMo is available to be used and adapted by anyone, to run every digital smart tool imaginable, today and tomorrow.”

Looks interesting. Downloaded a few of the “apps”. They are written in Java and will run in a browser.

Sad thing is that is looks like they have not done a lot with it. Looks like it could be something adapted to the XC community.