Operation: Coastercrime

This Triryche is one of the first coasters I made with some scrap walnut I had laying around. I originally tried to do this as an inlay but never could get it to work… even with the inlay tool on Easel. I used resin to fill it and then put it thru my drum sander to even out the top. I used the Spar Urethane spray I had left over from re-doing my front door and i really like the shinyness of it. Probably a little better than lacquer but harder to work with since it doesn’t dry as fast. Next time I’ll try to fill the pores a bit more and maybe actually get the inlay working since that is something I really want to get going.

Rock on…


Beautiful grains. Is that really Walnut. More likely dark oak. Looks great.

Yeah, that’s real walnut. I got it off eBay about 10 years ago and it was just sitting in my shop. I used Watco Natural Danish Oil to make the grain pop. That has become my ‘go to’ finish these days. I don’t mind some dye, but I’m kinda down on stains.

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