Opinion on estimated time for carve


I am working on finishing up my 1000mm Xcarve assembely, and one of the 1st projects I am going to be doing is a cornhole for a close friend and wanted some input. The wood I am using is a 1/2" maple veneer plywood, and my cut time with a 90 degree v-bit is showing over 5 hours, does that seem right? Anything I should be doing to speed it up?

Below is the shared project for any input.


just checked your layout out, and seen if I put in a 1/8th inch straightcut it will bring your time down to roughly 3 hours and 5 mins. Looks like you will not lose any detail…

I agree with CRWW, I don’t think you want to V-carve this. I would use a flat bottom bit and consider a 2-stage carve. I would not make this your first carve either, maybe try a couple smaller projects until your more comfortable with the machine. A 2 stage carve with a 1/4 bit for roughing and a 1/8 or even 1/16 detail bit will be done in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Hope this helps !

Thank you both, this helps a ton. I won’t use his cornhole board as the 1st cut and will do a few attempts on a scrap piece 1st before attempting.

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