OPT LASERS SLH-2000 help needed

Hi All,
Newbie here and in desperate need of advice/guidance I have acquired a cnc machine with a OPT LASERS SLH-2000 laser unit. I wanted to know if anyone has experience of this laser unit as I have no idea how to set it up and get it running. I have taken a picture of the pieces and may be able to post them when I know how.
Any help please.
take care
Don W

I have the plh-3d. Here’s the diagram to install it.

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Thanks for that swift reply although it doesn’t really help me as I didn’t explain myself properly.
I have all the pieces joined up, there is a power supply adapter that is connected to a board, I think it is a LPLDD-5A-12V board, this board outputs to the laser unit (SLH-2000) and a 15 pin D Socket. I believe the 15 pin D socket plugs in to the rear of the Stepcraft cnc machine motherboard and the laser unit is controlled from a computer via this socket.
I have no means of testing my theory and am a bit reluctant to plug various bits and pieces into my new desktop computer. I don’t the commands to turn it on or off and have asked OPT LASERS if they have a manual but I haven’t heard from them yet.
Is the control of the laser power from the computer via UCCNC suitable ??
thanks again for the quick reply
Don W

I’m back. Thanks for the interest, I have found a plugin for UCCNC that enables the use of a laser. I will try and get it working without any instruction. It takes jpg’s and converts them to GCode for using on the Stepcraft 420.