Optimizing vcarving?

how can i get the time cut down on this detail pass for 2 stage carve? the 90 V bit is taking several passes in the same area and barely taking material, 1 hr 45 min relief when it seems like it could make one outline of the text, the bit “circles” the inside of letters several times, are there any tricks to this?

im using the “relief cut” work piece

if you go into Machine>Advanced you can increase the V-Bit stepover to about 9-10% with no visible differences using the 90 degree bit… Smaller angle bits and this stepover amount needs reduced to be less noticeable :+1:

Also you can edit the cut settings depending on your machine rigidity but a good rule of thumb for the straight bit is 1/2 to 1/3 of cut diameter for the depth per pass and this straight bit is a bit less…
For the VBit cut settings I prefer to make it full depth passes and then adjust the feed slower if needed to ensure there aren’t excessive forces on the machine (kindof takes learning the machines capabilities a bit)

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i finally had a chance to take a closer look at the file and its setup to use the default settings which include a cut depth per pass of 1.6mm, but your design is only 0.8, which means you can likely get away with a faster feed rate since your engaging in less material. when your carving you can always adjust the feed rates with a slider (up to double and down to 10%) SO I would increase the feed to about 2,000 for both tools, meaning that 50% would bring it back to standard and doubling it would bump it up to 4,000. as soon as I hit carve I’de jog the feed back down to 50% (the default 1,000 mm/min) and then raise and listen to the carve to judge the optimal feed rate :+1: but I bet you’d be good around 1,800-2,400mm/min

thanks Seth!

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