Option to order cuts

Sometimes the tool path optimisations are not always sensible.

E.g. Today I was doing some big pocket cuts then cut out the whole piece. But when the job started, it did the full cutout first, then the pockets.

Probably normally ok, but with the stress on the spruce of doing the pockets broke the tabs on the cutout, threw the piece across the workshop and snapped the bit.

So could there be an option to put a cutting order on each part? I.e. On the widget where you change depth etc. make it optional to enter a number to force a cutting order.

E.g. If you don’t add anything, normal optimisation occurs. But put a number 1 against say a pocketing piece, that’ll happen in full first etc.




I agree there needs to be a feature of some sort that allows for the order to be designated. Today I was cutting out a sign and it cut out the outside first and only some of the tabs held but there was not enough tabs created to hold all the peices steady for the inside cuts. I was able to “save” the piece by inserting folded sandpaper as the machine was going but finish quality was bad. A feature where the outer most profile is cut last would be great.

You can order them in the edit menu with the front and back commands.

Easel carves elements front to back.


Just select the parts that you want easel to cut first.( I usually hold shift and start selecting everything but the outside cut) Go to edit and hit" bring to front" and that’s it. Just get the habit of doing it every time and you wont forget.

Is there an indicator to show what order or “level” the parts are currently in ?

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