Option to set an "active area"?

Maybe this is something that has been asked, but a feature that would be very helpful I think would be the ability to define an active area. For instance On some complicated cuts, I might need to have shapes in a file that I won’t currently be cutting. I can take them to zero depth and move out of the work area, but if I have multiple shapes and depths, that can be cumbersome.

It would be a lot faster if you could either set a specific area to be active for cutting, or even a way to turn shapes on or off, while retaining depth settings. Currently I am working on a large wall hanging- too large to cut all at once, and difficult to ship when assembled. So I am cutting it in pieces with alignment slots. Until I am ready to cut, I want to keep everything in the same file. But once ready, it would be nice to keep the spacing the same and just move the whole assembly around, putting the part I want to cut into the “active area”.

I guess a work around could be copying and pasting shapes from a ‘temp’ file to the working file, but again, it starts to get messy.