Oramask adhesive staying on

oramask adhesive staying on and how to get it off thanks for any help

I’ve never had that happen and I have used a LOT of Oramask.

Use scrap pieces of the oramask or blue tape will work, apply the oramask over the remaining residue and rub it on good, then at a 45 degree angle yank the oramask off. It may take a few times to remove all the remaining adhesive.
Also leaving oramask in the sun will cause this or leaving the oramask on to long will cause this.
Best thing is when the paint gets tacky remove the oramask.


care to share how you do it maybe thanks

My shop is about 68 degrees. The only issues I ever had with Oramask were before I heated my space and the film would not stick well. Like Russell said, only leave the film on long enough to get your painting done. Again, I have never had the film leave any adhesive behind.

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thank you think i left it on to long

@BarryHimes The same thing has happened to me. I used “goo gone” and the adhesive comes off. I always apply a couple coats of finish (lacquer, poly, etc.) before I put the oramask on.

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