Oramask question

I just purchased Oramask and trying to do my first cut with it, most of it is not sticking to my plan, Is it because you cannot use it on a high gloss paint? I’ve turned down the router to speed 1, I pressed and scraped the Oramask down. I sanded the mdf before applying paint… any suggestions of why my Orasmask is being blown out? I’m using a 1/32’’ downcut bit and only going down about 1/16’’ on a 1/4’’ mdf board.

Did you buy the oramsk 813?

Yes sir! and to readjust, its on a high gloss paint

I have not used it on high gloss before but use it all the time on top of sanding sealer and have never seen anything like that. Looks like it did not stick. When i get done i have a hard time peeling it off.

stuck in some places, and others not, took some big area’s out then I was surprised it left little diamonds in tact…all the open grey area’s was covered with oramask…

Looks like the surface is rough. Was it really cold?

Did you see the picture i posted yesterday in another thread? I am on my way in when i get a minute i will take another look at the video.

chilly, but not cold, in garage with a 40k heater blowing, I could sit here with my jacket off in chicago area…

What kind of paint?

couldn’t tell ya if I did or didn’t, might’ve…lol

rustoleum gloss protective enamel, spray.
was just a test run, first time I’ve ever done anything with oramask… so far disappointed and spent $150 on it… hopefully it will work with some kind of paint, whether flat, gloss, and brush painted, just threw some quick spray on it…and let it dry to check it out…not to happy…yet…

OK here’s what I do. I prime with 2 coats of the spray auto primer, sand smooth and a coat or 2 of spray finish. Let it dry a few days or so and mask. The surface has to be smooth or the mask won’t stick good.


so 2 coats of a primer, then 2 coats of a color paint? was a fast dry for me, abou 6 hrs…lol, couldn’t wait…lol

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I did some small signs for my wife yesterday and they were painted with rustoleum satin. Put oramask on it with no sanding sealer cut them and painted them no problem. I have seen a similar problem after cutting and if you use spray paint to paint the engraving it will roll the mask right up. You have to be sure to get everything coated first time around because you get no second chance.

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this was just a fast test job, I plan on using a flat paint and roll it on, guess the trick of it is to make sure it’s smooth and dry…

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how long you let your satin dry for?

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I let it dry a half a day and then put 2 coats of sanding sealer on it. If it is an outdoor sign don’t use the sanding sealer use a couple of coats of poly. Sand between each coat and when you are done it should be as smooth as glass.

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ok so here’s my gist of it then, 2 coats of my desired paint, let dry, Oramask, do my cuts, fill in my cuts with desired color of paint then poly them 2x’s with one sanding in between?.. sound like the plan?

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Paint, 2 coats of sealer or poly, cut ,paint engraving take mask off and 2 more coats of poly to seal everything.


than ya very much, you’re a gentleman and a scholar! :wink:

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