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Hey Y’all, since I was not allowed to go to church yesterday, I decided to do some carving. I have only had my x carve a month. I guess the Lord didn’t appreciate me working on his day, bout 30 minutes into my carve, my Z axis belt broke. That has put me out of commission until I can get another one in. My point is, if you have a little extra money, order extra parts. This is mostly directed at the new owners like me. You never know when something is gonna break. I ordered 5 new Z belts and 5 micro switches yesterday. I’m gonna order more X and Y belting next payday. I just learned how to do image tracing and I’m a dog lover and I was carving an image of my dog Bandy, it looked pretty good till my belt broke. My wife said great, maybe you can do some of your other chores until your parts come in. Women just don’t understand. Order extra parts guys!!!


That’s strange that your Z axis belt broke, you may have a problem with something.

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My original Z-axis belt did the same thing shortly after I’d assembled my machine, a couple of years ago. At that time, alot of people’s original belts (all axes) were breaking fairly frequently - Inventables had said they thought there might be a supply issue.

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