Order of Cuts

This may be a basic question. But does the order creates a better product.
I am making a sign with cnc engraved lettering 2mm deep. Also, at the same time I am taking a mm off the entire board to clean up the board.

What is the best order ?

  1. Take the 1mm off and then cut letter
  2. Cut the lettering and then flatten board.

When I created it in Easel … it seemed to flatten the board first and then cut the letter.
But I end up with lots of stringy lettering. I was thinking maybe if I reversed the order the flattening of the entire board after the lettering would result in a clean surface… But I do not want to waste wood to test it :slight_smile:

Always flatten first. Otherwise the depth of the engraving will vary, and then when you flatten it after the engraving it’ll likely be too shallow in some areas and the engraving will be taken off

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Flatten your work piece first. Especially if you have a crown in the wood or uneven surface. Also pay close attention to your bit choice; e.g. up cuts vs down cuts.

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