Order of opperation question

All cuts being made with a 1/8 up-cut bit.

  • I am trying to cut a 2in by 20in piece out of a 3/4 in piece of wood. Cutting from the outside of the line.
  • I want a 2in by 2in square 1/4 in deep routed out of the middle. Using the fill cut.
  • 2 drill holes in the middle of the 2 by 2 square.

So Easel starts off by drilling the 2 holes. Then it routes out the square. So far, its working like it should. But when it goes to cut the piece out, as it gets to the 2 by 2 routed square, it lifts the bit up and skips cutting the wood where the square is. If I make the square a bit smaller, there is some clean up to perform.

Is this a issue to be resolved with 2 stage cutting? Is there any other options?


You can copy the project into three separate work pieces, one for each tool/operation.
That way you can choose order.

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That’s what I ended up doing. I was checking to see if there was another option. This means that I have the one master copy where I do all my design work, then duplicate that 2 times. Each with the different tooling paths needed. That sure seems to create a lot of extra work.

All I want it to do is route out the block, then cut the part out thru the routed block.

On that note, is there a way to move the work items around so they are in a order which make sense?

Thanks for the help,

Easel is easy and quick for most simple things but once more steps are required its limitations quickly become apparent. Easel can still be used though but the work flow do grow a bit. I only use Easel when I need something quick and easy, other jobs I turn to Fusion360.

AFAIK there is no easy way to shuffle the order of work pieces under Easel, and a project open up the right-most work piece as default.
If I were to setup a 3 work piece project I would name each work piece with the bit details used for that operation. Then I use that as a guide instead of how they are ordered.