Order replacement for plastic brackets

I needed to ship my X-Carve and damaged a few parts. I can find most the replacement parts in the shop, but just can’t find the plastic brackets for the drag chain support as seen here in your assembly instructions: Plastic bracket

I already wrote the support two weeks ago, but no support answer so far :confused:
It would be helpful if I could order two of those brackets. How should I proceed?


I made my own out of aluminum, using the source files to get the specifications for the plastic ones. you could also use them to make some from a 3D printer but after hearing that yours broke so easy I am glad that mine are aluminum.

This is what I did!
Incorporated to plate right away. Makes it super stiff!
Note! These are my old plates. The new ones are way different. Lol.

here is the link for the ones that I made with Easel. they are recessed to fit onto the stock plates and have the holes placed where to stock bracket bolts to, these work very well.

Hi Flo, I am sorry you haven’t received a response from support. I just checked and don’t show any communication from your email address since September 30th, 2016. If you haven’t already contacted our support team via phone or support ticket and we will take care of helping out how we can. Thanks! Phil

Ok, send a mail to the support again. The previous message to the support could have failed because my mailbox was full :confused:

It’s not an option for me to call since i’m living far away in central europe

@making some out of aluminium
glad you guys could solve it yourself… i don’t have the machinery (and time) to make them myself