Ordered my new XCarve 1000mm in the UK


I just wanted to let you all now that I am so excited that I ordered last week in the UK (as I am based in Germany) my first XCarve 1000mm and received already 3 from 4 packages , as it was split to 4 packages from ROBOSAVVY. This shop is very professional in the order process and also the rework together with the customer are really well prepared.

After I ordered and also before I watched many youtube videos about different subjects related to the XCarve.

I am just looking for a folding table as I ahem not so much space in my workshop.

Another thing is that I printed with my 3D printer a dust shoe and also a shim for the original Dewalt spindle mount that I can use my Makita RT0700 router.

I am not sure where I can ask my first questions, as I am not sure if I am in the right section.

Please move this topic in case that I am not in the correct section.

Here are my few questions:

  1. Foliding table for the XCarve
  • Can I put the XCarve in Vertikal from both sides or do I need to consider anything ?
  • Can I also put the Controller Box wall mounted? Or anything which would create a problem? Not sure if cables are long enough
  1. Makita Router
  • I ordered several original bits with 1/8 shaft, Hay anyone experience with the Makita RT0700 and the collet for the shaft which the bits have? Which collet do I need and can I get this in Europe?
  • Should I order in future other bits in Europe any source which someone could recommend?
  1. Easel Software
  • I read a lot in this forum and also about the software and understood that I could use 4 times a month the pro version. I am a beginner and would like to know what other alternatives I should try ? Many people are talking about the Fusion 360, but I understood the Vcarve is much more user friendly …

For the time being this is all what I would like to know , or would like to hear your recommendation.


Welcome to the community! I’ll answer what I know…

The cables that come with the kit don’t have much extra length to them. If you were thinking about wall-mounting the X-Controller and having the X-Carve on a separate table, you’d most likely need to fabricate some extensions. As designed, it’s best to position the X-Controller nearby the X-Carve itself.

Fusion 360 is free, but there is a learning curve (I think it’s well worth it). VCarve is an outstanding program, however, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say they regretted the purchase (many say they were able to recoup the costs from project sales).

For just starting out, stick with regular old Easel - you really can’t get any simpler. The only “major” thing you’re missing out on by not using any Pro features is V-bit carving.

You might want to look into Inkscape. It’s a fairly popular (free) vector editing application. You can easily make designs there which you can then import into Easel to carve.