Ordered my X-carve, Will they let me know when it's shipped?

Hey guys

Ordered my X-carve last Tuesday, and it says that it takes 1-2 weeks to ship. Now is that 1-2 weeks for the shipping to arrive? or 1-2 weeks before they actually ship the product out? Also wondering if they will notify me when its shipped with possibly a tracking number? I have yet to receive any conformation that it has been shipped.

Thanks guys


Also in your order history (top right where the avatar is) it will show status (and eventually the bazillion tracking numbers)

Yes you will get an email with the tracking number when your order ships.

You will get an email when it ships and an email for any back ordered items. My experience is that I ordered my 1000 XC on 23 December and within a few days I received the bulk of my order. There was a few items on back order so I received the next shipment a few days after it shipped on the 28th of December. Still yet I had back ordered items and they were shipped the 7th of January. Currently, I am still waiting on one more shipment which now brings my wait time to a month. Overall, the wait times have been a little annoying but the folks over at Inventables has been really helpful and nice every time I call. Happy carving and welcome!

How many different shipments are there in total @BradD?

I ordered mine on the 16th and haven’t heard much since, trying my best to forget about it until it arrives but I’m just itching to get going on it.

@Enemy Total I had 5 shipments. The motors just shipped on 22 Jan and should be here today

well tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I placed my order and not a peep from inventables. Trying to be patient, guessing it hasn’t even shipped yet, wondering if and when I should contact them to find out whats going on.

I ordered on the 13th, I’m in the same boat 15 days post order & not a word.
Guess that means they are busy with orders. :slightly_smiling:

12th. If I see another company shipping a similar capability, with less cost, and an earlier shipping date I might think about an alternative. Until then. Gotta bench to finish.

So I got impatient and emailed them on wednesday to ask them what was going on, They got back to me that day and said they had a supply problem with the stepper motors and that they got their shipment last friday and was working on getting their orders out, they were hoping to have mine shipped out by the end of the week. So here’s hoping we see our machines soon.

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Cool. Think we ordered the same day. Now if only the X-Controllers could be shipped at blinding speed. Guessing I’m pretty far back on that list. Going to need to put some thought into wire lengths so that I can easily swap the X-Controller for the stock electronics when it comes. (edit; 12 hours later: just received the shipping email for the X-Carve.)